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    Oball 6

    Encouraging interactive play, this fun ball includes a rainstick with multi-colored beads making soothing raindrop sounds. The 30 finger holes make this ball easy to grasp and play with, especially when they are still learning how to pick things up. The material is soft and flexible, perfect for little ones.


    Oball Bath Duck
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    The O-Duckie™ from Oball is a fun, floaty duckie with unique Oball cutouts that not only make it easy for water to drain out, but make it easy for even the littlest hands to grasp. This little duckie is easy to pick up and impossible to put down and will add plenty of tactile fun to bathtime.


    Oball Bath Scoop & Spill
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    Oball™ Scoop 'n Spill™ cups are bringing geometric fun and games to bath time! These cups are designed to be easy for even the littlest hands to grasp and hold. Scoop, fill, stack and spill water out of these cups during bath time.

    *Easy to Clean - Strong, durable plastic...more

    Oball Roar-O-Rattle
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    Roar-O-Rattle™ is a teether and rattle all in one! Lion's soft, textured mane provides teething fun at every turn. Rattle beads keep baby entertained and lion's body is designed for little hands to easily grasp and hold.

    *Teethable, textured mane


    Oball Rollie Animal Rattle

    Oball™ Rollie Rattles™ get the fun rolling! These clever toys are designed to be easy for even the littlest hands to grasp. The clear rattle ball rolls and rattles when baby pushes it across the floor. The addition of these colorful, charming animal characters adds a sweet twist to the original Oball design.


    Oball with Rattle
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    Babies of all ages will love playing with this fun, flexible, easy to grab ball with 3 integrated rattles. Please note that colours may vary - if you have a preference please specify this when ordering.

    * 28 finger holes to make it easy for baby to grasp


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