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How many nappies will I need?

What do I need?

Most cloth nappy systems have three parts to them: a liner that sits next to the skin to catch the solids; an absorbant nappy; and a breathable waterproof wrap (also known as a cover or waterproof outer).


Paper Liners: The paper liners we sell are both flushable and compostable, and come in rolls or boxes of 100 liners. They are convenient and easy to use. You simply place one in the nappy and when it is soiled you flush it down the toilet. If the liner is just wet, it can be placed in a compost bin.

Fleece Liners:

Polyester fleece liners create a 'stay dry' effect to your baby's nappy. Instead of using chemicals to absorb the urine, like the disposable nappies do, a fleece liner allows urine to pass through it into the absorbent part of the nappy and then dries quickly leaving a soft dry lining against your baby's skin. Solids don't tend to stick to the fleece liner and will drop off easily if placed over the toilet. You will need one fleece liner per nappy.


The nappy is the absorbant part of the system. This can be a flat nappy / shaped nappy or the insert in a pocket nappy.

Small babies need on average 6-8 nappy changes a day. Most customers like to have 2-3 days worth of washable nappies so they can wash the nappies on alternative days, rather than every day.

An example based on purchasing 20 cloth nappies for 2 / 3 days worth:

  • 6 - 8 nappies for monday
  • 6 - 8 nappies for tuesday
  • 4 - 8 nappies for wednesday (if the washed nappies are not yet dry)


wash the nappies before you go to bed on the second night and hang them on an airer overnight, depending on which nappies you purchase most will be dry by morning.


Hang them on the washing line on third morning, most if not all, will be dry by late afternoon.

For older babies and toddlers, 5 - 6 nappy changes a day is normal. If you choose sized cloth nappies (nappies that come in different sizes) you could buy less of the subsequent sizes as you won't be changing the nappies as frequently. For 2 / 3 days worth we suggest 12 - 14 nappies if you choose quick drying nappies (ie.. pocket nappies with micro-insert) or 14 - 16 nappies if you choose nappies or inserts made from hemp and bamboo (these are the longest drying nappies).


If you decide to use a two part nappy system (a nappy that requires a separate waterproof cover / wrap) then you will need to purchase approx 1 wrap per 4 nappies (ie...5 wraps for 20 nappies). You don't need to change the wrap every time you change the nappy, simply wipe the wrap with a washable wipe / wet wipe and then re-use. You may need to change the wrap sooner if it becomes soiled.

There are lots of brands and types of washable nappies and wraps. Click to find out more information on the different brands and types of nappy systems we recommend. If you need further help and advice please don't hesitate to contact us.


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