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    Baby Carriers & Slings

    Ergo, Caboo, Caboo DX (by Close Parent) and Papoozle (by Tots Bots) are a few of the brands of baby carriers we stock in store and online.

    'Babywearing' (carrying a baby against you in a cloth 'sling' or carrier) is becoming more and more popular with a vast array of slings and carriers on the market. With many different types and brands of carriers on the market it can be difficult to decide on which to purchase. Because of this, we have done much 'testing' of carriers on our own children to narrow it down to a few that work well and suit most budgets. In order to ensure you purchase the 'right' carrier further, we offer a FREE fitting and advice service in store, plus a FREE trial around town in one of our carriers / slings. Just 'park up' your buggy in our feeding room and venture into town with your baby in one of our baby carriers or slings. We also offer a weeks trial for £10 which gives you and your partner the opportunity to really try out the carrier with your baby over a few days. If you decide you like the sling or carrier and wish to purchase one, we take the £10 hire charge off the carrier you have chosen to purchase, making the weeks trial FREE!

    Using a baby carrier or sling has many advantages. Newborn babies do not arrive acclimated to the world; they need to adapt to new sounds, sights, and smells. Holding your baby against you in a sling or carrier gives your baby eye-to-eye contact which is critical to healthy bonding. Your baby can hear the beating of your heart (similar to when inside the womb), feel the warmth of your skin, and breathe in your unique scent. A baby is also soothed by a constant gentle motion which is a great way to calm a baby that is difficult to settle or one that finds it difficult to sleep. Babies who suffer from colic really benefit from the upright position against you and generally settle better. Also, babies worn on a parent's chest or back get more interactation from their parent and from people around them than when placed in a pushchair, which is at knee level! Many parents worry that carrying their babies will make them overly dependent. However, the opposite is true: Babies whose parents satisfy their natural need for closeness routinely, develop into self-confident and independent individuals. Fathers can also enjoy forming a bond with their baby by carrying their babies from a very early age in a sling or carrier. Within just a short period of time, a baby begins to associate a father's smell, the feel of his skin and the sound of his voice with protection and love.

    The Ergo Baby Carrier is a soft structured carrier which is suitable from birth (with the addition of the infant insert) to approx 4yrs. It is one of the most comfortable carriers we have tried as it effectively distributes baby's weight through your hips, so your back doesn't ache. Without the infant insert you can use it from 4mths - 4yrs. It can be used on your front with baby facing you, on your back and on your hip. It doesn't enable you to have baby facing out on your front but we don't see this as a disadvantage as babies often prefer to see their mum and can still see to the sides. Babies facing outwards are unable to hide from situations or people that can scare them and being on the mothers front are unable to turn to their mother to shield their face. The carrier is very adjustable and comes in various colours, prints and fabrics. The most popular Ergo is the original and has a handy pocket on the front big enough for a nappy & wipes so you don't need to carry your changing bag aound with you!

    The Caboo Baby Carrier (and Caboo DX) is made by Close Parent. It won the 'Which?' award for best buy baby carrier in December 2011 and is a popular sling amongst new parents. It can be worn in various positions; with baby facing you, facing out and in a breast feeding position. Ideal from birth and upwards (from approx 5lbs to 32lbs). Ideal for those parents wanting to carry baby close to them both inside and out. Made from organic cotton so lovely and soft. Easily adjustable between different wearers and keeps baby in the 'frogged leg position' which is best for baby's hips.

    The Papoozle Baby Sling, made by Tots Bots, is also an award winning carrier. It is made in the UK and combines the comfort and closeness of a fabric sling but with the additional benefit of a padded waist band to help distribute baby's weight through the hips, so ideal for those who suffer with back problems and are wary of using a carrier or sling for this reason. Suitable from birth to 35lbs in weight. It has soft stretchy shoulder straps and is one-size so fits all. Multiple wearing positions including facing out, facing in, on your hip and breast feeding position.

    Baby Carriers

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