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    Building Bricks with Windows
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    Building bricks with a view. Fascinating play of colours and light through colourful, sturdy windows.

    Clip Caterpillar in an Apple with Bell
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    Attractive clip figures with a variety of options from HEIMESS. Made from native wood. Safety tested.

    Clip Dwarf
    In Stock-+

    Attractive clip-figure out of the diversified portfolio of HEIMESS. Produced from domestic woods and carrying a bell, provides a good mood. HEIMESS soft colours: For the sake of the children and the environment we use only water-based paints for our high-quality toys and dispense with clear varnish containing solvents. This may resu...more

    Clip hedgehog
    In Stock-+

    Attractive clip figures with a variety of options from HEIMESS. Made from native wood.

    Colourful Lenses Soother Chain
    In Stock-+

    Soother chains are clipped on the baby's clothes so the pacifier doesn't get lost and keeps the baby happy. Safety tested.

    Egg shaker
    In Stock-+

    The perfect equipment to make music together. Enhances the sense of rhythm and concentration Little hands can hold them perfectly.

    Feel-a-Pair Memo Game - in a cotton bag
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    From 32 different wooden pieces you have to find 2 with the identical surface. If they feel the same you can look at then. A different kind of memory which stimulates perception.

    Feel-a-Pair Memo Pillows
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    20 filled pillows are hidden from the sight of the players. Now they have to fish out two bags with the same filling by touching and feeling. If the two bags have the same pattern, then their contents are also the same and the feeling was correct. An instructive game with a high fun factor.

    Memo Game Sounds
    In Stock-+

    Find through testing two pieces that have an identical sound.

    Mini-trapeze Confetti
    In Stock-+

    Visual and mobility entertaining, this mini trapeze helps to keep the boredom away. Made of maple and beech wood.

    Mobile, Animals
    In Stock-+

    The colourful African animals give room for imagination.

    Mobile, Elephants
    In Stock-+

    Eight cute elephants watch over the baby bed and let the children go to sleep peacefully.

    Mobile, Elephants and Stars
    In Stock-+

    Mobile meets lifestyle. Lovely cuddly elephants float above the crib, framed by decorative stars in a calming deceleration mode. Then all a child can do is relax and fall asleep peacefully into the realm of dreams. Dimensions: 36 x 49.5 cm.

    Mobile, Rocking Horses
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    Perfect for every child's room! The little horses of this wooden mobile have been harmoniously colour-coordinated and balanced in such a way that a gentle movement is possible even with little airflow.

    Mobile, Sheep
    In Stock-+

    The little sheep and the moon guard the children's room.

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