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    We stock the popular Splash About Happy Nappy, Nappy Wrap, BabyWrap, BabySnug and Konfidence range of swimwear including One Size AquaNappy, BabyWarma Baby Wet Suit and Nappicova. 


    Confused about which swimwear or swim nappy your little one will need?  Let us help you!

    For most baby swim schools they insist upon a 'double nappy system' which means:


    FIRSTLY: you need to choose either a disposable swim nappy or a reusable swim nappy such as the Konfidence Aquanappy (which is a one-size re-usable swim nappy and will fit from 3 mths to 30 mths) or the SplashAbouts nappy wrap (which is slightly cheaper but you have to buy different sizes as your baby grows).  Buying a re-usable swim nappy means you will never need to buy packs and packs of disposable swim nappies, so will work out considerably more cost effective (especially when you purchase a one-size swim nappy) and you are helping the planet too, rather than throwing heaps of disposable swim nappies into landfill. 

    SECONDLY: you will need either a HappyNappy (by Splash Abouts) or a Nappicova (by Konfidence) to go over the top, to make a double seal / protection against leaks into the swimming pool.  Please note, no swim nappy (whether disposable or washable) will absorb urine, otherwise it would absorb the pool water too!  It is designed to contain bowel motions only (poo!)!!


    LASTLY, if your baby is very young or dislikes being cold, we would recommend a baby wet suit to keep them warmer in the pool (even if a pool is supposed to be 'warmer' than a council pool it will never be as warm as the warmth of the bath water they are use too at home.  Most swim lessons are 30-45mins long which is a long time if they are cold in the water.  Baby wet suits also have the added advantage of you being able to keep a good grip of your baby both in and out of the pool when they are wet.


    Choose from the following baby wet suits:

    Baby Wrap by Splash Abouts - available in 0-6mths, 6-18mth and 18-30mths.  BabyWarma by Konfidence - available in 0-6mths, 6-12mths and 12-24mths.  Baby Snug by SplashAbouts (please note this has a built-in HappyNappy so you would only need to put a Konfidence AquaNappy under the suit to make it a 'double nappy system') - available in 0-3mths, 3-6mths and 6-12mths. 


    If in doubt, please do call us at the shop for advice :) Tel: 01926 430000
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