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    Tots Bots Nappies

    The new Easyfit V4 Binky has landed.  A soft, stretchy and absorbent all-in-one nappy!

    Tots Bots nappies come in a range of styles and sizes and are easy to use, utilising velcro fasteners and a range of materials including bamboo which offers unbeatable absorbancy and protection from bacteria... See more.

    The Tots Bots range of nappies is available in a number of styles including the Bamboozle Stretch nappy range which utilises ultra stretchy bamboo to move as your child does, the Tots Bots Teenyfit range especially designed for newborns, the new Tots Bots Easyfit Binky V4 cloth nappy which offers all of the advantages of a disposable nappy without any of the drawbacks, plus the newly designed waterproof cover Stretchy Wrap to fit over the Bamboozle Stretchy offering total grooviness with a range of eye catching patterns which both parents and babies love.

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    Tots Bots

    The Cotton Nappy Company - Thu Apr 09 15:34:09 BST 2020 [web4]